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Ursula Maria Berzborn
Ann Schnake

Ursula Maria Berzborn is a theatre director, performance artist, costume and set designer, living in Berlin, Germany. Since 1996 Berzborn has been the artistic director of the physical theatre company Grotest Maru. Berzborn and the company tour internationally, creating site-specific productions, reaching both arts venues and audiences that normally have no access to the arts.

Ann Schnake is a social practice and visual artist who builds installations and sculptural works, investigating the physical activation of objects and mobility of spaces, in the context of failing economic and ecologic systems. She is also a nurse and often collaborates with other body workers, including performance artists, cooks, and hairdressers. Her visual and performative works are exhibited locally nationally and internationally in art venues and in unexpected locations, from gallery to hospital to dinner table to tent.

She also participated in the SFAI 2015/2016 Residency: Immigration / Emigration


Food Justice 2014/2015
Immigration / Emigration 2015/2016



Berlin, Germany
Berkeley, CA USA