Nikki Pike

Nikki Pike is an Artist and Activist committed to serving the community through her art practice and role as an educator. Through the use universally positive human experiences such as curiosity, music, surprise, and gifting along with the influence of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, she spreads values of empowerment, vulnerability and connection in the form of experience as opposed to product. Nikki sees herself as a Cultural Agent working together with local communities promoting activity and creativity. With her an expansive practice, Nikki straddles Public Arts, Social Sculpture, Service Art and is exploring ideas of Relief Art intended to aide communities responding to disaster. Her methods start from the ideals of democracy and her work has been featured at the Denver Art Museum, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and Art Basel Miami to name a few. Currently Nikki resides in Denver, Colorado and holds a professorship at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.


Food Justice 2014/2015



Denver, CO USA