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During our Truth & Reconciliation programmatic theme, SFAI invited creative practitioners, content experts, and innovative thinkers from all over the world to explore how uncovering and acknowledging the truth can be used as a means of reconciliation and other processes by which meaningful steps toward reconciliation can occur.

Guiding Questions

  • How can artistic expression help to counter the often dehumanizing effects of our intensifying societal polarization by confronting misleading or deceptive rhetoric with truthfulness and compassion?
  • How can a creative and humane investigation of truth among individuals, communities, and nations engender desire for healing, reconciliation, and how can new narratives respond to traumatic events and culturally sanctioned injustices?
  • How can art and community action bring into view a more comprehensive and critical understanding of truth amidst the proliferation of online, and often unchecked, communication platforms and algorithmic manipulation of information streams?