The Santa Fe Art Institute offers an internship program for a highly motivated individuals with an interest in the arts and social justice.

A non-profit arts organization exploring the intersections of contemporary art and society, the Santa Fe Art Institute offers interns an opportunity to experience the exciting interactions of art and community. Interns are encouraged to engage fully with all aspects of our programs, including the visiting artists and workshops, our residency program, and our community based initiatives. Because we have a small staff, the intern has the opportunity to understand the inner workings of a non-profit arts organization, and to engage with artists and ideas from all over the world.

The SFAI internship experience is designed to provide the intern with skills essential to thriving in creative fields with a community focus. Professional development, community engagement and artistic expression are chief focus points of the program.

Internships are offered by semester, and are open to college students and college aged young adults. Internship-for-credit or access to dedicated studio space are a couple of the opportunities available through internship. If interested, please contact Nuttaphol Ma, SFAI Alumni Fellow, at nma@sfai.org.



SFAI volunteers assist with the production aspect of events and programming. Photo documentation, Audio/Visual support, event prep, hosting, and logistics are a few of the responsibilities assigned to volunteers. If you are interested in SFAI events including SFAI 140 and would like to volunteer, please email our Alumni Fellow, Nuttaphol Ma at nma@sfai.org.