Originally scheduled for 2021, the Revolution Residency is now scheduled for 2022 due to residency restrictions imposed by Covid-19 — see our events page for ways to engage with SFAI alumni and our current Labor Residency.
According to Paulo Freire, people can, “develop their power to perceive critically the way they exist in the world with which and in which they find themselves [so that we may] come to see the world not as a static reality, but as a reality in process, in transformation.”

Revolution Residency applications closed April 15, 2020.

Thematic Residency EligibilityThematic Residency FAQ


In the last few years numerous global social movements and political protests, many of which are ongoing, have brought inequities and systematic violence into the foreground of public discourse. These upheavals have focused specifically on wealth inequality and the ways in which it reinforces tyrannical rulers and oppressive regimes, and erodes democracy, public wellbeing, and environmental stewardship. In the United States of America, our current system of government, social structures, and cultural values continue to uphold inequitable power dynamics and extreme wealth disparities, and ignore the looming climate catastrophe. The upcoming U.S. presidential election already impacts our public discourse, and will undoubtedly deeply affect our future reality.

Throughout our 2021 programmatic theme, Revolution, SFAI will support research, artworks, and creative actions that use artistic imagination to provide sites of resistance, instances of engagement, and solidarity with transformational movements. We seek proposals that aim to revolutionize the status quo and which are bolstered by creative insurrection, utopian imagination, and an expansive agency wherein everyone – across a range of ethnicities, nationalities, gender identities, and abilities – has the power to shape reality.

Guiding Questions

We ask how our art and creative tactics can:

  • Reimagine the praxis, grammar, and aesthetics of entrenched and failing systems;
  • Radically shift collective perceptions and lived reality to build capacity for self‑determination for all peoples; and
  • Catalyze and support radical and profound social, political, environmental, and cultural change that is sustained, intergenerational, inclusive, and liberatory.


$10 SlideRoom Application Fee (SFAI is waiving the standard $35 fee for the Revolution Residency).
All of our residencies are offered free of charge to awarded residents.

Residency Duration & Schedule

SFAI offers Individuals and Collaborations residencies from a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months.

The months available for Individuals and Collaborations are January, February, March, May, June, September, October, and November. Residency months do not have to be consecutive (e.g., applicants may elect to come for a month in the spring and then return for another month in the fall).

The Family Residency is for just one month, in July only. If you are not a parent-artist / legal guardian of a child, you are not eligible for this program. Please note, we do not allow partners / spouses or children to accompany residents during any other month.

We do not host residencies in April, August, and December.

The exact start and end dates are as follows:
January 4-29
February 1-26
March 1-26
April 26-May 21
May 24-June 18
June 28-July 23
August 30-September 24
September 27-October 22
October 25-November 19