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Blog: Imagining an Ancient Western

When I first came to SFAI’s Truth & Reconciliation Residency to learn about the local history and write my film essay Muntu Child, I wasn’t fully aware — perhaps due to my fascination for the unfamiliar landscape —that New Mexico was the wild wild west of the old Hollywood films. The films that helped create […]

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Boundary Drawing Collaborative Exhibit

SFAI Greece Fulbright Fellow, Alex Simopoulos presents a week-long participatory installation at SFAI. Boundary Drawing is an ever-evolving installation and a participatory, experimental, mural design studio. This exhibit features works by local multidisciplinary artists Nani Chacon, Joerael Numina, Ehren Kee Natay, Lynnette Haozous, and Alas de Agua Art Collective and invites the public to respond to surfaces of tension, to question monuments, and to imagine new narratives through […]

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This Santa Fe LASER talk features Igor Vamos, the culture jamming, activist whose work is described as “The Business Week version of Punk’d.” (Times Out New York). Biocultura teams up with Santa Fe Art Institute to present the first Leonardo Art, Science, Evening Rendezvous (LASER) Talks of 2019 at Santa Fe Art Institute on Friday, […]

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Steven Yazzie Installation / J.W. Powell & Associates

SFAI is not for sale! This Steven Yazzie installation on the SFAI campus is part of the exhibition The Great Unknown: Artists at Glen Canyon and Lake Powell by New Mexico Museum of Art. J.W. Powell & Associates is an outdoor intervention project currently situated on public and private land. The project, which began in […]

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CALL/WALKS / Santa Fe Atomic Stories

  Santa Fe Art Institute partners with the City As Living Laboratory (CALL), to engage with six different communities on the first weekend of May nationwide. On May 4, eleven CALL/WALKS will be activated in six cities including Washington D.C., Baltimore, Santa Fe, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, and New York City. The Santa Fe CALL/WALK, Atomic Stories, […]

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Labor Residency 2020

Far right image: courtesy of Stephanie Syjuco Application for the 2020 Labor Residency are now closed.  Through our open call for applications, The Santa Fe Art Institute (SFAI) seeks artworks, creative research, and innovative actions that consider what vitality, prosperity, and sustainability might look like beyond profit to envision new systems for “making a living” […]

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Truth & Reconciliation Residency 2018/2019

From September 2018 through November 2019, SFAI will bring together 70 artists, creative practitioners, content experts, and innovative thinkers from all over the world to explore how uncovering and acknowledging the truth can be used as a means of reconciliation. SFAI believes that the process of truth-seeking and reconciliation are deeply creative acts that can […]

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