Social Structures is an installation of freestanding outdoor constructions and digital art pieces that address the themes of interconnectivity, empathy, and care. Download the map of Social Structures’ works below – on display from December 21, 2020–January 18, 2021 on the Midtown Campus at 1600 St. Michaels Drive.

Michelle Preslik

Michelle Preslik is visual artist and musician from the San Joaquin valley of California. Her travels, work, and personal life experience has led her to see human connection as one of the most powerful changemakers. The inspiration for much of her work is based in the changing of human perception, by imploring new lenses, and creating intimacy through her sculptures, soundscapes and interactive installations. Michelle resides in Santa Fe, NM and is currently a student at the Institute of American Indian Arts where she is working towards a BFA in Studio Arts with a minor in Indigenous Liberal Studies.

Stationary Object

Stationary Object is a freestanding sculpture that houses a coin operated stationary dispenser filled with hand printed cards. The surrounding structure is a hand fabricated steel cuboctahedron, a spherical shape consisting of 8 triangles and 6 squares of equal segments. According to Buckminster Fuller, this shape holds “infinite potential,” which echoes the blank space on the stationary within.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the ways we connect with one another. Increasingly we are left with only digital media to stay in touch, as social distancing and stay-at-home orders remain in place to combat the global health crisis. And so, during this time we have to be creative with how we show loved ones that they are on our minds and in our hearts. Writing and sending messages to each other on stationary instead of through digital media allows us to engage in the art of slow communication and enjoy tactile experience in lieu of physical connection with one another.


This event is part of the Culture Connects Midtown Project. To learn more visit