Social Structures is an installation of freestanding outdoor constructions and digital art pieces that address the themes of interconnectivity, empathy, and care. Download the map of Social Structures’ works below – on display from December 21, 2020–January 18, 2021 on the Midtown Campus at 1600 St. Michaels Drive.

Daisy Quezada Ureña

Daisy Quezada Ureña is a visual artist and educator based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Within her practice, she integrates clay and social engagement as a process of resistance and resurgence. She talks to identity and place in relation to social structures that cross imposed borders. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally: Denver Art Museum, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Icheon Ceramics Festival, and Hubei Institute of Fine Arts.
A co-founder of Present Cartographers, a collective invested in creating platforms for artist working within themes of immigration and land, they recently published Terreno: Borderland Linguistics and bosque brotante.


AQUI is inspired by the impact text can have when scaled up and its monumental size is meant to support a presence on the Midtown Site during a time of absence and isolation. Throughout the years, the Midtown Site has hosted numerous events for multiple generations and the place itself holds many memories. The sculpture is intended to welcome the community back here to engage with one another and this place with care. Painted white, the letters provide a blank canvas on which the community is invited to imagine their own future experiences here and record a collective hope for the Midtown Site.

During this pandemic our sense of space and self has been contained. AQUI aspires to record our being during this time. As you safely social distance and document as you see most fitting, please take into account all who are around and aqui. Share your story virtually with us on all social media platforms with #AQUI #SANTAFE #OGHAPO’OGE #SantaFeArtInstitute. This project is supported in part by the Ureña Hara Family and Roberto Ureña for sharing their shop, time, and skills for the fabrication of this work.


This event is part of the Culture Connects Midtown Project. To learn more visit