Stacey Rozen

Stacey Rozen is a South African interdisciplinary designer and expressive arts practitioner. She resonates at the intersection of purposeful design, mindful expression and transmedia storytelling to engage commonality and diversity. Stacey’s heart-work is as a craftivist, stitching her love for fibre threads of crochet, knit and embroidery she activates yarns for advocacy and social justice. Her focus is on the yarn of story and the yarn of thread – how the two intertwine, ravel and unravel in the stitching of our lives. Her Master of Arts dissertation centred on craftivism with vulnerable teen girls rising to stop gender-based violence in Soweto, South Africa. It includes a case study on Story Scarves, a project associated with One Billion Rising, which she founded and facilitated. She is currently creating the series titled, Our Yarns are the Tellers of Us. This collection explores the synergy between analogue yarns, whose vernacular is fibrously handmade, and the digital yarns they transmute into through the artistry-of-craft and craftistry-of-art. Her intent is to inspire a gentle rEVOLution in the hope that her heartistry will fuel meaningful change.


2022 Revolution



Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa