Ssu-ya Hsiung

Ssu-ya Hsiung is a performance and jewelry artist based in Brooklyn. Working through installations and performance with multiple mediums and materials. Her interests lie in showing the escapism from the reality that she is unwilling to stay in. Through her practice, she aims to negate our personal responsibility and to avoid the discomfort of existential angst that we all must deal with. She runs away from unpleasant thoughts by creating her own fantasy with personal connection physically and emotionally. Ssu-ya was born and raised in Taiwan. She received her MFA from Visual and Performance Art and majored in metalsmithing at Syracuse University. After she mastered the majority technique of metal, she shifted her interest to performance art by using her own body to express emotions and discovered the different concepts and meanings behind multiple mediums of the art.


2018 Harpo Fellowship



Brooklyn, NY USA