Pantea Karimi

Pantea Karimi is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher, and educator based in Northern California. She grew up in post-revolutionary Iran and her education in science and art at school was convoluted with religious indoctrination. Karimi’s art collectively explores historic, religious, scientific, and political themes using performative video, animation, sound, print, drawing, and installation. Taking the cue from her research on Iran’s religious, and scientific manuscripts and objects, Karimi’s work highlights archival materials and personal narratives reflecting upon her gender and upbringing in Iran, intertwined with conflicting political, religious, and societal issues.

Karimi’s commissioned works are in public collections at YouTube, Stanford University, the University of California, San Francisco, and the University of California, Davis. Her works have been exhibited in solo, group, and traveling exhibitions in Iran, Algeria, Germany, Croatia, Mexico, the UK, and the United States and featured in several publications in Iran, Italy, Croatia, the UK, and the United States including an interview with KQED Art Forum in April 2023. Karimi is the recipient of the Lucas Artist Residency (2023), Selected Artist Honoree by Kala Art Institute (2023), the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Artist Grant (2022), the Mass MoCA Residency (2022), the University of California San Francisco Library Residency (2022), the City of San Jose Arts and Cultural Exchange Grant (2019), the Silicon Valley Artist Laureates Award (2019), and Kala Artist and Fellowship Residencies (2017 & 2023). Karimi is a member of Substantial Motion Research Network based in Canada and is an Adjunct Faculty of Digital Media and Studio Art.


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San Jose, California, USA