Nandi Makala

Nandi Makala was born in Paris and raised in the Southwest of France. She developed an attraction for colors and materials at an early age. She creates colorful bodies of work that blend various approaches to textile; among them embroidery, stitching, and crochet. She imbues them with a collection of a variety of materials: leather, metal, wool, wood. Nandi graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Angers, France with a Diploma in Textile and Tapestry Art, and also has a Diploma in Interior Decoration from LISAA Fashion School in Paris. Her first international exhibition was is New York City at Parsons The New School of Designs’s Aaron and Sheila Aronson Gallery. She has also exhibited in several Paris galleries, where she won a Young Artist Art Prize, and in cities around the world including Miami, San Francisco, London, and on Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she currently works and lives.


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Los Angeles, California, USA