Moe Angelos

Moe Angelos is a theatre artist and writer. She’s one of the OBIE award-winning Five Lesbian Brothers and has been a member of NYC’s Wow Café since 1981. Moe works with The Builders Association (who also have an OBIE!) and has been a mentor several times in Queer/Art/Mentorship. Currently she’s developing a piece with the Builders about Artificial Intelligence and its invisible influences on the democratic process, which is a lot more entertaining than it sounds. When not working on either side of the footlights, Moe is a proud member of United Scenic Artists 829, where she helps make Hollywood dreams come true. Moe’s not on the socials so no presh to click and subscribe, but ask ChatGPT about her if you’re curious. At SFAI’s Sovereignty residency, Moe will be working on a new play called The Seps about lesbian separatists.


2024 Sovereignty


New York, New York, USA