Hilary Lorenz

As an interdisciplinary artist, I create artwork using printmaking, drawing, installation, and combinations thereof. I am deeply influenced by my experience hiking, living, and thriving in the wilderness. I visually translate my visceral experiences into built environments, made up of linoleum block printed cut paper.

My projects record my perambulations and the circulation of ideas. When I am carving a linoleum block, I relive each step I have walked or ran with a single knife cut. Instilled in every carved stroke of my block is the direct translation of a particular journey. The resulting artwork is floor to ceiling layers of linoleum block printed mountains, rivers, rocks, birds, animals, trees, plants, and more. These are items found in nature, intrinsically imbued with energy that usher viewers into a rich world of wilderness fantasy. My environments are sensory experiences where one can escape from urban stress or their own mental chaos.






Brooklyn, NY USA