Carlos Zerpa

Carlos is a transmedia storyteller proudly based in Caracas, Venezuela. Mobilized by social issues in South America and the Caribbean, his work seeks to empower underrepresented characters through transgressive, insightful, and irreverent stories. He has written and directed ten animated shorts which have screened internationally. Co-director of the animated documentary series A Piece of Peace, currently in co-production with Lardux Films (France) and Nocroma (Colombia), and writer and director of the animated series Karetabla, in co-development with Osa Estudio (Argentina).

Alumni of Berlinale Talents, the Global Cultural Relationships Platform, IsLab, Sundance Collab, Bridging the Gap and ApaLab. Fellow of the artist residencies Marble House, Bemis Center, Corsicana, pIAR, Saari, Villa Strauli, La Maison des Auteurs, and Sacatar.”


2024 Sovereignty



Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela