Blaine Siegel

Blaine Siegel is a photographer and sculptor by training and a public engagement artist by practice and experience.

Blaine approaches creating public artworks by embracing engagement with communities, disciplines, and systems. He dives deep into the process to create something unique and of the situation in which he places himself. Creating collaboratively with individuals and organizations adds a rich tapestry of perspectives enabling the artist to leverage his abilities and artistic points of inquiry to co-create unique responsive projects.

From 2014-2017 Blaine worked as the Director of Education and Outreach for Conflict Kitchen and created multiple community based projects with the Office of Public Art in Pittsburgh, PA. He was the artist in residence at the Pittsburgh International Airport from January 2018 through August 2019. In addition to his created artwork for the airport, two ongoing projects emerged from the residency. For the Industrial Painting Series, Blaine wears the hat of an industrial anthropologist, traveling to North American airports to document runway paint testing areas. The Awaken Home Project pairs local artists with newly resettled refugee families in order to create an artwork of belonging for their new homes. This project has been adapted into Blaine’s recent role as the Public Programs Manager at the Carnegie Museum of Art. He has created Neighborhood Museum, in which recently arrived refugee families are granted free memberships to the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, participate in art workshops and receive a facilitated access tour of the Carnegie Museum of Art in their home language. “


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Allison Park, Pennsylvania, USA