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Workshop: Equity in Exhibition Design


Workshop: Creating Equity through Exhibition Design with Veronica Jackson of the Jackson Design Group

1-4PM | October 21 | At Santa Fe Art Institute

Join us for a presentation & work session exploring techniques in creating equity through exhibition design. The first portion of the workshop outlines the process of developing an exhibition by examining the life and work of Aida Overton Walker, an understudied figure in the era of the New Negro. Overton Walker will be framed in images and writings grounded in archival research and used to render the story of an African American female’s resilience and subversive methods to gain racial respectability and gender equality within the era of Jim Crow America. The second portion of the workshop presents the necessary skills to closely read and interpret visual content that aids in the development, design, and implementation of an accessible interpretive museum exhibit that addresses issues of social inequality.

This workshop will provide useful tools for artists, designers, historians and curators interested in expanding their practice, specifically targeting how to be more inclusive in the presentation of visual culture. Following the opening lecture, participants will work independently to develop mind-mapping skills as well as work around the challenges of designing an exhibition within a particular space. Participants will share their work with the instructor and one another during a pin-up and informal critique session.


1 possible exhibition topic to critically read & dissect | 1 to 3 images that support your topic of choice | Pencils, pens, & markers


Creating accessible exhibits is Veronica’s way of addressing issues of social inequality in visual culture. In her decades of professional experience as an interpretive exhibit designer, she has witnessed how the exhibit experience affords agency over what and how visitors learn, especially when presented through approachable methods. Accessible, inviting, and memorable exhibits reinforce and surpass information visitors receive in traditional classroom settings. Veronica Jackson makes connections across the various disciplines of visual culture—art, architecture, and design—as compiled in her multi-decade portfolio in the areas of exhibition, interpretive, and communication design. She honed her conceptual and practical skills by working on culturally significant and historically prominent projects. Examples range from the African Voices exhibit for the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History to Discovering the Civil War at the National Archives and Records Administration. Learn more about Veronica and her work here.


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