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Tilt Podcast / Episode 8

Putting Down Roots

In this two-part episode, the hosts, together with local artists and creative practitioners, contemplate what are the responsibilities of people originally from outside New Mexico to this place? How do we respectfully connect to and care for the land and the peoples who have made their home here for generations? And how do other racial and ethnic groups not included in the mythical tri-cultural narrative of New Mexico foster a sense of belonging and rootedness here?

Launch Date

Part 1: July 23
Part 2: August 27
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Podcast Guests

Naima Pyarali

Naima Pyarali is a current student at Albuquerque Academy. Pyarali photographs self portraits in various clothing and collages these images onto different spaces to offer a Muslim Indian perspective on identity and place. Her work was recently included as part of the New Mexico Asian Family Center’s (NMAFC) Future Ancestors event and TrueNM, a collaborative initiative between NMAFC and New Mexico Black Leadership Council.

Mya Green

Mya Green is a storyteller and memory keeper, a journalist and poet. As a Black American woman originally hailing from the Southeastern US, Mya has a keen understanding of disparity in underserved communities. Mya served as a Social Justice and Media Fellow at KSFR Public Radio in Santa Fe, received the SFAI Story Maps Fellowship, and graduated from Sarah Lawrence College (BA, MFA).

Sonja Larson

Sonja Larson creates work as a way to reconnect with her Oceanic heritage. Larson combines craft with images from the Black Power Movements in the US and Oceania to talk about the complexity of the Black-Pacific identity. Larson’s work was recently included as part of TrueNM, a collaborative initiative between New Mexico Asian Family Center and New Mexico Black Leadership Council.

Oriana Lee

Oriana Lee identifies as a queer, interdisciplinary artists of African descent. Brought up in Tennessee, Lee’s artistic lens is primarily one of Southern American “Blackness”, often fused with aspects of traditional African culture through patterns, symbols, and storytelling. Lee’s work explores themes of relationality, human rights, and empowerment. Lee currently lives and works in Santa Fe and is a member of Vital Spaces.

Podcast Hosts

Toni Gentilli, SFAI Residency Director

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Favorite Season: Monsoon
Mountain, Desert, Forest, or River? A forest along a river in the desert at the foot of a mountain
Regular Watering Hole: Sister Bar
Red or Green? Christmas!

Kourtney Andar, SFAI Works Manager

Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
Favorite Season: Autumn
Mountain, Desert, Forest, or River? Forest
Regular Watering Hole: Violet Crown
Red or Green? Definitely red.

Nuttaphol Ma, SFAI Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

Hometown: Pecos, NM
Favorite Season: Flip flop season
Mountain, Desert, Forest, or River? Mountain
Regular Watering Hole: Second Street Brewery
Red or Green? Whatever is hottest.