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Tilt Podcast / Episode 6


After a period of dormancy and introspection during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, three SFAI staff members emerge as the co-hosts of Tilt with new and exciting directions for the podcast. Listen in on a candid conversation about what they have been up to, the invisible labor of running a non-profit organization, and the importance of working with care at the intersection of the arts and social justice.

Launch Date

May 28
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As SFAI navigates these uncertain times, we face new fiscal challenges. We are seeking support for this programming and ongoing operational costs — a portion of these donations will go to participating artists.

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Podcast Hosts

Toni Gentilli, SFAI Residency Director

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Favorite Season: Monsoon
Mountain, Desert, Forest, or River? A forest along a river in the desert at the foot of a mountain
Regular Watering Hole: Sister Bar
Red or Green? Christmas!

Kourtney Andar, SFAI Works Manager

Hometown: Santa Fe, NM
Favorite Season: Autumn
Mountain, Desert, Forest, or River? Forest
Regular Watering Hole: Violet Crown
Red or Green? Definitely red.

Nuttaphol Ma, SFAI Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

Hometown: Pecos, NM
Favorite Season: Flip flop season
Mountain, Desert, Forest, or River? Mountain
Regular Watering Hole: Second Street Brewery
Red or Green? Whatever is hottest.