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smudge studio Look Only at the Movement


Smudge Studio_Look Only at the Movement_EVENT BOX

smudge studio’s (Jamie Kruse and Elizabeth Ellsworth) exhibit Look Only at the Movement will be running from May 1st to June 12th, 2014 here at SFAI. smudge studio will also be on site at SFAI to give a lecture on their exhibit on May 12th at 6PM. Be sure not to miss out on this!

Look Only at the Movement, includes a three-hour, two-channel video, as well as photographs, graphic design, map, and written audience responses. It juxtaposes two entangled worlds as they unfold across and reshape one another: the streaming American Highway system and travelers’ encounters with nuclear waste transport, disposal cells, and sites of remediation. Looking only at the movement of nuclear waste, we have tried to avoid the polarized discourses that often “cloak” nuclear materials. We hope to encourage new angles of civic exchange. We invite audiences to engage with contemporary material realities that are simultaneously of us, and far beyond us. Mark your calendar and join us for this intriguing discussion. We look forward to having visitors to our site and the event.