Water Rights Residency 2016/2017

Because water is seen, now more than ever, as a contested resource, SFAI brought together local, national, and global thinkers and creators to collectively expand and revise our knowledge of what we think we know about water rights. New Mexico is rich in its relationship to water—a position created over a long history of corporate, environmental, political, and multicultural claims to this essential resource.

From September 2016 through June of 2017, SFAI and its community partners explored several questions: How do we describe and define the contested space around water? If water use is often parallel to culture, how can cultural activities result in greater models of equity to our water systems? How can diverse practices, from poetic to practical to political, create greater access to these and other parallel resources?


Andrew Williams Brooklyn, NY 2016
Annie Danis Berkeley, CA 2016
Asha Canalos Albuquerque, NM 2016
Catherine Harris Albuquerque, NM 2016
Christie Green Santa Fe, NM 2016
Christine Howard Sandoval Brooklyn, NY 2016
Courtney Leonard Santa Fe, NM 2016
Dara Silverman Oakland, CA 2016
David Lindblom Santa Fe, NM 2016
Dilara Akay Istanbul, Turkey 2016
Elise Sibley Chandler Marfa, TX 2016
Ezequiel Peña El Paso, TX 2016
Glynis Berry / Peconic Green Growth Orient, NY 2016
Hideaki Ariizumi / studio a/b architects Orient, NY 2016
Holly Keasey Dundee, Scotland 2016
Joerael Elliott Santa Fe, NM 2016
Kathleen McCloud Santa Fe, NM 2016
Lauri Burrier Abiquiu, NM 2016
Lisa Hirmer Ontario, Canada 2016
Lize Mogel Brooklyn, NY 2016
Ric Lum Santa Fe, NM 2016
Ruth LeGear Leitrim, Ireland 2016
Sean Connelly Kaneohe, HI 2016
Alana Bartol Calgary, Canada 2017
Gila Collective Silver City, NM 2017
Amy Pilling Santa Fe, NM 2017
Andrea Williams Oakland, CA 2017
Anna Macleod Dromahare, Ireland 2017
Aurvi Sharma New York, NY 2017
Brooks Dierdorff Medford, OR 2017
Christina Catanese Collingswood, NJ 2017
David Buckley Borden Cambridge, MA 2017
David Groenfeldt Santa Fe, NM 2017
David Janesko Mountain View, CA 2017
Dennis DeHart Moscow, ID 2017
Devon Tsuno Los Angeles, CA 2017
Don Wilkison Kansas City, MO 2017
Eleanor King New York, NY 2017
Emily Wilson Long Island City, NY 2017
Eve Mosher Brooklyn, NY 2017
Falon Baltzell Kona, HI 2017
FICTILIS Oakland, CA 2017
Fiona McDonald Alberta, Canada 2017
Franciszka Voeltz Rutledge, MO 2017
Heather M. O’Brien Beirut, Lebanon 2017
Hillerbrand + Magsamen Houston, TX 2017
Issa Nyphaga Santa Fe, NM 2017
Jan Mun Brooklyn, NY 2017
Jennifer Meridian Pittsburgh, PA 2017
Jorie Emory Peoria, IL 2017
Julia Paull Los Angeles, CA 2017
Kate Aitchison Flagstaff, AZ 2017
Kolbrun Inga Gunnlaugsdottir Soring Utrecht, The Netherlands 2017
Kristin Thacher Cedar Crest, NM 2017
Lacey McRae Williams Vancouver, Canada 2017
Lauren Elder Oakland, CA 2017
Mamoru Tsukada Nagano, Japan 2017
Margaret Cogswell Jackson Heights, NY 2017
Mary Bruno Vashon, WA 2017
Megan Heeres Detroit, MI 2017
Meghan Moe Beitiks Chicago, IL 2017
Mildred Beltre Brooklyn, NY 2017
Rachel Lin Weaver & Lesley Duffield Blacksburg, VA 2017
Robert Lundberg Madison, WI 2017
Rose Linke Oakland, CA 2017
Rulan Tangen Santa Fe, NM 2017
Sarolta Cump Oakland, CA 2017
Scott Campbell Colorado Springs, CO 2017
Scott Kildall San Francisco, CA 2017
Scott Polach San Diego, CA 2017
Simona Prives Brooklyn, NY 2017
Thomas Burkett Richmond, VA 2017