Simon Andres De Aguero


Simón De Agüero’s elegant constructs appear as tent-like canopies or translucent vertical and horizontal intersections lightly tethered to the landscape like atmospheric currents. His work redefines space in subtle ways that combine elements of both architecture and sculpture. De Agüero approaches fabric as a delicate building material, constructing spatial relationships that beautifully integrate his interests in architecture (he holds a Master of Architecture degree from The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture), sculpture, and design. His structures, often made of fabric in combination with adobe or other organic materials, suggest a nomadic, tenuous relationship with the environment, like clouds passing overhead. For Simón studying, experiencing and designing quality spaces is a life long passion.


When belief negates believing in anything, Nothing emerges into nothing all being is non being It is perhaps also described as a place your definitions Must be left behind and all that is Remaining, is Spirt and Soul But even those words hold too much tension for this sensation Distant, yet all competing voices long for acknowledgment, sensed The calling rythums of our heart pulse into the Infinitely opposite, balancing directions as a call to dance.

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I was fortunate to have several roles in the Santa Fe Art Institute. I worked, attended residency workshops, curated festivals and exhibition and helped create the education outreach program from scratch with that assistance of hundreds of artists and thoughtful people. SFAI provide a perfect sanctuary for my creativity to be tested and discussed. As a budding architecture student, I explored and interacted with every component of the complex. As a graduate of Master of Architect from Taliesin I curated the Ricardo Legorreta memorial exhibitions. My 7+ years of direct interaction with SFAI was life changing and well worth the challenges became my responsibility.

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