Bambitchell is the artistic collaboration between Alexis Mitchell and Sharlene Bamboat. Their interdisciplinary works have shown at festivals and galleries internationally. By employing a wide range of media, the duo examine the complexity of attachments produced in relation to the nation-state.


Our collaborative practice emanates from forms of embodied knowledge that leads us to employ different methods and approaches in our work. This allows us to tackle issues such as citizenship, border-politics, mobility justice, processes and histories of colonialism, and militarism, while at the same time, foregrounding the ways we feel tied to very same narratives that we attempt to dismantle. Through humour and play we perform provocations that might lead to imagining new ways of being in the world, that gesture to the very ‘queer’ moments that emerge in unsuspecting spaces and places.

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SFAI was an inspiring space to be in. It allowed us to work with new ideas and approaches to our practice, which led to new projects and forms.

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