Yoko Inoue

Originally from Kyoto, Japan, Yoko Inoue explores the commoditization of culture, assimilation and identity issues in the form of installation and public intervention performance art. Often using traditional ceramic methods, the underlying theme of her object making is derived from her examinations of economic factors, cultural values, socio-political implications behind products in the context of globalization. Raised by macrobiotic parents, she has long been interested in agricultural free-trade debates and the relationship between local food and cultural heritage. She has traveled in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil and Lithuania (State Department Cultural Specialist Grant) and most recently, was awarded LMCC Paris Residency. During travels, Inoue observed local food markets and indigenous marketplaces, and visited research institutions such as International Potato Center (CIP) in Lima.


Food Justice 2014/2015
Immigration / Emigration 2015/2016
Labor 2020




Brooklyn, NY USA