Tiffany Singh

Born in New Zealand, of Maori, Indian and Pacific Island descent Singh has been based in India and New Zealand since 2005 and continues to exhibit in both locations. This mix of cultures and aesthetics is evident in Singh’s work, which consists largely of natural mixed media based installation. Singh has traveled extensively throughout the East and throughout Central and South America studying cultural and mythological beliefs systems and patterns. Due to her interest in cultural preservation and her desire to integrate this into her fine arts practice Singh began working in the Volunteer sector in the Northern India in 2005. By using arts as a tool for education, empowerment and communication Singh has grounded her career trajectory by identifying with using art as a means to generate and affect change and address communal well-being. Since returning to New Zealand in 2008 Singh has applied a similar framework to her practice in Aotearoa, working on sustainable community outreach and focusing on participatory works that have community building themes as their primary objective, whilst exploring her academic enquiry of the role of the sacred in contemporary society.


Food Justice 2014/2015



Auckland, New Zealand