Samantha Manion-Chavez

Samantha Manion-Chavez (b. 1994) is an interdisciplinary artist raised in Denver, Colorado and the pastoral plains of southern Illinois. She holds a BFA from the University of Colorado, Denver with an emphasis in Painting and Drawing where she was awarded the EUReCA! Fellows Grant in 2018. Her work reanimates a transgenerational lineage of Southwest Quilting and Colcha embroidery that began in the rural desert of New Mexico over one hundred years ago. Manion-Chavez utilizes materials unfit for traditionally feminine craft and immerses those works in an organic landscape in order to stipulate the fragility and underlying vulnerability of the Natural world and its collaborative tendencies with people. The symbiotic relationship between these works and their environment is enforced by the activation of the elements such as wind and are often satirical in their lack of concise purpose. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Manion-Chavez addresses the ancestral home as the spiritual force of her practice.


2022 Revolution



Albuquerque, NM USA