Rica Maestas

Rica Maestas is a burqueña artist, author, educator, and social practitioner working in Albuquerque, NM. An avid polymath, Rica derives her inspiration from the aesthetics of purging and piles, holding it together and tearing it apart, as well as from topics in linguistics, folklore, critical theory, history, and film. She graduated with a MA in public humanities from Brown University in 2018, attending with the generous support of the University of Southern California Renaissance Scholarship, awarded for interdisciplinary study. In her creative practice, she is interested in vulnerability, whimsical connections, and finding the ‘plenty’ in ‘not enough.’ She has received numerous grants for her creative work, curated independent, experimental exhibitions as well as institutional projects, published written ruminations in diverse forums, and exhibited visual art and performance pieces nationwide.


2020 Labor




Albuquerque, NM USA