Pascal Emmer

Pascal Emmer is a writer, researcher, and visual artist. As a neurodivergent trans organizer, he has been involved in abolitionist movements for over 15 years, and has authored several participatory research projects including Unmasked: Impacts of Pandemic Policing, Technologies for Liberation: Toward Abolitionist Futures, and This is a Prison, Glitter is Not Allowed: Experiences of Trans and Gender Variant People in Pennsylvania’s Prison Systems. He supports campaigns to divest public resources from policing and criminalization, instead reinvesting in community-based safety models.

His current project Subterrefuge is a speculative fiction novel that constellates many contemporary themes—genetics, mycology, decolonization, queer kinship, post-humanism, and life after capitalism. Beyond a dystopian, post-apocalyptic tale, Subterrefuge, like the fungal relatives who inspire the writing, seeks creative ways of germinating new worlds while surviving the decomposition of dominant systems.

He lives in O’ga P’ogeh (Santa Fe, NM).


2022 Revolution


Santa Fe, NM USA