Niomi Fawn

Niomi Fawn is a queer artist currently living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They grew up in California and Hawaii.The art of Niomi Fawn developed from a technique dubbed neo-pastiche, which brought digital tools and visions to traditional collage in an effort to recontextualize familiar images and, through creative juxtaposition, to create new statements from old concepts. Neo-pastiche is primarily a two-dimensional technique and, while it remains a vital component of Niomi Fawn’s art, they have been applying the theories of the technique on a wider scale – moving into a third dimension and blurring the boundaries that too often separate art and audience. Their latest works involve the creation of objects, informed but not limited by neo-pastiche, which are placed in natural and constructed environments, gradually transforming the surroundings and fuzzing the lines between the artistic and non-artistic worlds.


Equal Justice 2017/2018



Santa Fe, NM USA