Molly Larkey

Molly Larkey is a Los Angeles born and based artist and writer. She has exhibited widely with museums and galleries internationally, including solo exhibitions at PS1 MOMA, Gallery 12.26, Luis De Jesus, Ochi Projects, Dutton Gallery, Human Resources, and Commonwealth and Council, among others. Her work was featured in “The Shape of Things to Come: New Sculpture,” at the Saatchi Gallery and “The Beyond” at Crystal Bridges Museum of Art. Her writing has been published in Los Angeles Review of Books, Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles (CARLA), and Haunt Journal of Art. In 2019, she founded People’s Pottery Project, an artist-driven initiative whose mission is to empower formerly incarcerated women, trans, and nonbinary individuals through the arts.

Inspired by the artists, writers, and activists who have changed the world through their creative work, her work both envisions and manifests a world in which beneficial structures replace ones based in alienation and control. Through creative interventions into the ways we we see, think, and inhabit our physical bodies, she creates situations and artworks that challenge familiar ways of seeing.

“Larkey engages our bodies, suggests we move around, asks us to think physically in space. Looking and thinking are physical; they require movement and effort. We forget that volume and space are relative to the surfaces that bound and define them; that flatness is, paradoxically all around. Larkey’s work offer a way out, and reflect back that cold structure with living, breathing humanity.” Michael Frank Blair


2022 Revolution



Los Angeles, CA USA