moira williams

moira williams is a disability culture activist, artist and dreamer weaving together intersectional Disability Arts, Eco-Somatics and Queer Ecologies. moira’s often co-creative work reframes embodied difference as a distinct resource resisting aesthetic ideals while weaving together multiple scales of time, accessibility, bio-art, performance and gatherings with interdependent ways of leading to imagine, disrupt, experience or imagine experiencing disrupted spaces and futures that make room for deepening our ecological meanings and *“access intimacy.”

moira’s dreaming and making leads with disability for its transformative possibilities while simultaneously questioning systems of power and influence. For moira, culture is something we actively shape together.

*“that hard to describe feeling when someone else “gets” your access needs” – Mia Mingus.


2017 Creative Access Fellowship
2022 Revolution



West Sayville, NY USA