Lina Manousogiannaki

Lina Manousogiannaki studied archaeology, history of art and photography. Her work has been exhibited in a variety of venues and festivals across Europe and in Toronto, Canada. She has published images in selected photography oriented magazines. For some years she was an editor and editor in chief for URBANAUTICA, an online journal researching visual anthropology and cultural landscape.
Her work focuses on human relation with nature, exploring human behavior towards the environment through different perspectives and phases of human technological achievements. In her work she uses archival material, maps, text, installation, drawing and photography. She has published an article exploring the use of iconstands on the roadside through the years.
For two years she was a researcher resident artist at the Museum of Tapestry and Tissue in Tournai, Belgium, researching the semiotics regarding the use of masks throughout art history as well as its use during the pandemic.
Currently, she is part of a working group, named To Touch At The Edge, with other Balkan artists, researching borders. This collaboration will result to a collective publication, soon to appear.
She is based between Brussels and Crete, Greece.


2023 Changing Climate



Brussels, n/a Belgium and Crete, Greece