Kate Kendall

Kate Kendall (b. 1985, Denver/Colorado) received her MFA from CalArts in 2015. She completed her BA in Studio Art at the University of Southern California in 2007, which included a year spent in South Africa at the University of Cape Town Michaelis School of Fine Art. Looking to the natural world as a less determined space than the human world, Kate explores time and desire in relation to landscape, history and politics using sculpture, video, sound, drawings, and installations to challenge the viewer’s perspective on reality. Her goal is to promote new narratives and visual languages that investigate notions of mobility and enable us to live with complexity and difference simultaneously. In 2019 she received a Fulcrum Grant and started Flow Archive with her geologist father Jerry Kendall to consider the intersecting flows of time, water, sediment, and humans. Her work and writings have been published in art and science publications including the Houston Geologic Society Bulletin and GeoGulf Transactions. In 2020 she presented Flow Archives at Soils: The Living Fabric of Health, the Urban Soils Institute (USI) 5th Annual Symposium and was awarded an artist-in-residence with USI at Swale House on Governors Island, NY. Her work has been exhibited and performed in Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA, Sarasota Springs, NY, Houston, TX, Santa Fe, NM and Cape Town, South Africa.

Kate is a mother of Jack (3.5y) and Rocky (1y) and currently lives with her family in Houston.


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Houston, Texas USA