Joerael Elliott

Internationally acclaimed, Santa Fe-based artist activator Joerael Numina (b. 1980, San Angelo, Texas), has been dedicated to creating art that promotes meaningful social change. For Joerael, art is about bringing awareness. His artistic advancements have a science and technological bend such as embedding his large-scale murals with QR codes allowing the viewer to dive deeper into the compelling content of the piece beyond the visual experience. An activator, yogi, muralist, tattoo artist and frequent lecturer, Joerael was the first artist in residence at the Santa Fe Institute (SFI) and participates in its Broken Symmetry Society, which engages with artists, writers, poets, musicians, and other creative thinkers in talks, panels and onsite art exhibitions in partnership with SFI’s scientists.


Water Rights 2016/2017



Santa Fe, NM USA