Jessie Henson

Jessie Henson employs notions of labor and time as centrally important to her artmaking, looking for ways that repetitive actions of daily life might accrue, build meaning, and even refigure the ‘background.’ The resulting sculptural and rendered forms often resemble environments, maps, landscapes, and scientific diagrams of the natural world. Merging the vernaculars of drawing, sculpture, and tapestry, she blurs the boundaries between these worlds, as well as pushes material elements to the threshold of disintegration under the force of their own making.

Jessie Henson’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, with shows in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Berlin. Select residencies include Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, the Windgate Fellowship at Urban Glass, the Laundromat Project, and the Bronx Museum of Art. Henson was included in Converge 45 in Portland, OR, curated by Kristy Edmonds. In 2020 she will be a resident at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Henson received her BFA from the Corcoran College of Art and Design and MFA from Rutgers University.


2020 Labor



New York, NY, USA