Jay A. Baker

Jay Baker is an interdisciplinary artist with a special interest in relationships to place. He’s from Colorado and New Mexico and currently lives in Corvallis, Oregon, pursuing an MA in Environmental Arts & Humanities. Jay holds a BA in Visual and Performing Arts with emphases in creative music and film studies from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Jay has also worked as a member of various artistic communities in New Mexico such as Basement Films and The Roost Creative Music Series. Throughout this time they have created music and visual art under the pseudonym Tom Foe and have had artwork has published and shown in UNM’s “Blue Mesa Review,” UCCS’s “riverrun,” Basement Films’ “MadLab Series,” OSU’s “Sound Box” and more.

Jay’s studies at OSU revolve around creative residency programs, interdisciplinary art practices, social/environmental justice, and the relationships between them.


2023 Changing Climate




Corvallis, Oregon USA