The Institute for Improvisation and Social Action /
Sandra Paola López Ramírez
Chris Reyman

The Institute for Improvisation and Social Action (ImprovISA) is an artistic and community organizing project founded by Sandra Paola López Ramírez and Chris Reyman. ImprovISA, formerly in2improv, relocated from Urbana, Illinois to the U.S.-Mexico border in 2014 where it has enjoyed sustained growth. Throughout its 10-year history, it has reached hundreds of people all over the U.S. and in France, Denmark, Colombia, Germany, Canada and Mexico.

Chris’ (DMA) background as a jazz musician and composer has guided the development of his career to be centered on interdisciplinary collaboration and improvisation. With a focus on improvised performance, his experience has helped shape ImprovISA’s vision, continuing to ground it in artistic practice.

Coming from a dance and performance background, Sandra Paola’s work focuses on the body as a doorway for individual and collective healing and reconnection. With an EdM focused on aesthetics and a MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts, she has crafted her work with ImprovISA to be grounded in a solid pedagogical framework that is inclusive, embodied and interdisciplinary.

Sandra Paola is an SFAI 2017/2018 Equal Justice alum.

Since its inception, ImprovISA has strived to bring together people from different backgrounds to create, play and build together, including survivors of domestic violence, foster and homeless youth, immigrants and refugees, non-profit organizations, after-school programs, senior citizens, the LGBTQIA community, children with disabilities, independent artists and college students.


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