Gaëtane Cummings

After B.A. at the University of Montreal, she was hired as a communication specialist for a company. She worked for eight years until multiple sclerosis forced her to stop. After taking some time off to cope with the diagnosis, she went back to study something that fascinated her for a long time: East Asian Studies. From learning Mandarin, to Chinese philosophy and history, she found herself learning Chinese calligraphy, which strangely led to acrylic in 1998. She has been painting with passion ever since. Since 1998, she did more than fifteen exhibitions; from Magdalen Islands to Montreal, Bothell (WA) to Japan, where she won the FIRST PRIZE OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION 2013-2014, BIG-I ART PROJECT for the painting: “ Frank’s desert” in Osaka, Japan. And, awarded for the “2016 Hiroaki Nakatsugawa Prize” at the same event, for her painting “Singing With Her Soul”. She is Raw Art fanatic. She likes this form of art because it comes from artists who experienced what it is to be on fringes of society like her and where technic doesn’t matter, only expression. Her life is marked by practical limitations. She has her own way of working which is partly due to her disability. Strangely, while this limits her, it also gives her complete freedom.


Equal Justice 2017/2018
Labor 2020



Montreal, QC Canada