Edie Tsong

Tsong has exhibited/performed at Yerba Center for the Arts, the Mattress Factory, TBA Festival (Portland Institute of Contemporary Art), Finnish Academy of Fine Art. Her book Scattered Memory is included in the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library. Tsong’s projects include collaborations with Sydney Cooper, Michael Lorenzo Lopez as well as others.

Tsong was the founding director of Cut+Paste Society, a community of women writers and artists. In partnership with SFAI and in collaboration with the city of Santa Fe, she directed C+P’s Snow Poems Project, a city-wide temporary installation of poetry and cultural programming. With C+P and New Mexico Literary Arts, she directed creative writing workshop series “Play, Write, Mix” and “Writing as Medicine” as well as conversations on creative practice called “Revolutions, Big and Small”.

My practice as an artist-writer-activist is an investigation of intimacy, relationship, and perception. Having grown up first generation Taiwanese-American in central Pennsylvania, and experienced the subtle and complex divisive experience of race, I work from the questions: How do “I” literally and metaphorically connect with “you”? How does this essential relationship connect me through time and physical space? How can this relationship change how we evolve as a collective?

These investigations through drawing, installation, socially-engaged projects, performance, text, and technology take the form of conceptual portraits (how we express identity) and radical bookmaking (how we bind together language and meaning). They range in scale from small objects and performances to collaborations that include city-wide installation, cultural programming, and facilitated conversations.






Santa Fe, NM USA