Doug Smarch

Doug Smarch Jr. was raised in the traditional lifestyle of the Inland Tlingit People of Teslin, Yukon. Not always with means, his childhood was rife with the innovation and utilization of the natural environment by his parents Doug and Jane Smarch. From a young age he was taught to cherish any available materials and to have respect for all things living and inanimate; setting the foundation for finding value and story where one may otherwise not be perceived. Doug learned stone, bone and wood carving under the watchful eye of family and community artisans. His scholastic career began with an Associates of Fine Arts Degree from the Institute of American Indian Arts (1999) where he made the National Dean’s List of the United States and was inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honours Society. This was followed by a BFA from the San Francisco Arts Institute (2001), where he was honoured as the first recipient of the TC Cannon Scholarship Award and culminated with an MFA in Design Media Arts from UCLA (2004), as a recipient of the Goth Scholarship. Doug’s award winning art is in public and private collections around the world and his exhibitions centers include: 2015 PANAM Games Toronto; the National Gallery of Canada; EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan; the Museum of Native Americans in Zurich, Switzerland; and the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, BC. He has won competition commission: In the Yukon, NFB


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019



Teslin, YK Canada