Dayna Kriz

Dayna Kriz is an artist, teacher and cultural worker from Umoⁿhoⁿ, Póⁿka, Meskwaki, and Ho-Chunk nations that has been living on Tamaroa and Kaskaskia, Hadenosaunee, Osage, Miami and Chickasaw nations for the past 9 years. Her communal upbringing along the Mississippi River informs her place and her offerings within the work of white racial reconciliation.

She finds inspiration for doing the work of reconciliation through centralizing research into land acknowledgement and stewardship as a white woman occupying indigenous lands, while reconnecting to European based folk practices from her ancestry. She works to bring folk traditions, rituals and practices into a contemporary context through an anti-facist and anti-colonial perspective that inform creative, soul affirming inquiries into sometimes personal and sometimes communal projects and processes. Her work is a creative inquiry into her personal reconciling as a white woman within the animate world she has a relationship with. She is constantly learning how to better participate and contribute to the care of our natural world and steward the intrapersonal healing it requires of herself on outwards.

Kriz attained an MFA from Washington University in Saint Louis, is a Fellow of the Regional Arts Commission’s Community Arts Training Institute and is a member of the Anit-Racism Organizing Collective in Saint Louis.


2022 Revolution



Saint Louis, MO USA