Dara Silverman

Dara Silverman is an artist, playwright and the Founder and Artistic Director of Agile Rascal Bicycle Touring Theatre – a company that tours original plays with environmental themes on bicycles. Agile Rascal’s mission is to make innovative new theater accessible, promote cycling as a viable means of transportation, inspire reverence for our natural landscape, and to foster creative connections between artists, activists and cyclists. In addition to writing and producing for Agile Rascal, Dara’s plays have been finalists for the Jewish Plays Project and the Association for Theatre in Higher Education, and her work has been published by Smith and Kraus, Inc. She has received residencies from the Santa Fe Art Institute, The Lookout Arts Quarry, AIRIE in the Everglades, and participated in the first U.S.-based Creative Climate Leadership training. She holds an MFA from San Francisco State University in playwriting.


Water Rights 2016/2017




Oakland, CA USA

In Community: Reflect, Respond, Act

There are fragments of feelings still in half thought: A falling down, a breaking, a reckoning, a mourning. The oozing head of the pimple of colonialism, white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism and the dominating and extractive relationship to the land, creatures and ourselves suddenly bursting violently to the surface. Now that it’s here, it’s impossible to imagine it not coming. But is this the moment? Or just the moment that ushers in the moments yet unimaginable? –Dara Silverman