Corey Pickett

Corey Pickett is an interdisciplinary artist living in New Mexico. His practice examines the relationships of fear, race, and social systems, which are informed by his upbringing in the Golden Isles of Georgia. His current work investigates the correlation of gun violence and firearm legislation. In addition to being a working artist, Pickett is founder and Director of The Jaye Rock Cultural Center in Clovis, NM. He received his Master of Education in 2008 and his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2000 from Eastern New Mexico University, and his MFA in 2017 from Vermont College of Fine Arts. He has exhibited his work in cities throughout the US and is a recipient of the International Sculpture Center’s 2017 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019



Clovis, NM USA