Christie Green

Christie Green is a designer weaving the elegant and the edgy among land, art, ecology and people. Raised in Alaska, with a background in History from UC Berkeley and Landscape Architecture from the University of New Mexico, her award-winning projects educate and inspire people-place connection. Ms. Green founded Down to Earth, LLC in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1999 with the political intent to heighten awareness about and cultivate stewardship of: food cultivation and production systems; native plant and animal communities; and water and soil resources through intelligent design. After 11 years as a landscape professional specializing in edible landscapes, water harvesting and ecologically regenerative projects, Ms. Green returned to academia to earn her MLA in order to expand the scope and scale of her work. Graduate school catapulted her into what is now radicle, her design-build firm that combines landscape, art, ecology and activism, founded in 2014. radicle, (the botanical term for the first root that emerges from a seed once it has germinated) values and expresses the rooted and the new, that which is biologically fundamental and also wildly creative and generative.Through radicle, Ms. Green grows beyond traditional confines of landscape architecture, beyond serving as decorator or reclamationist, and expands to synthesize design, activisism, education and collaboration. Ms. Green’s professional design practice includes award-winning low-income housing projects, demonstration gardens, recreational facilities and single-family homes that incorporate edible, medicinal and ethnobotanic landscapes along with wastewater, surface and rainwater harvesting and soil-boilding. Her practice bridges landscape architecture, art and science through residencies at the Santa Fe Art Institute, working with other artists from around the world and with local youth to explore food and water rights through art. radicle has become a living canvas and experimentation lab where Ms. Green invites the public, peers, educators and local politicians to explore subjects such as “Consumption and Waste” through land art installations, short films, writing and educational workshops and presentations. Along with fashion designers, political satirists, chefs, soil scientists and artists, Ms. Green offers radicle as a place to broaden our definition, understanding and appreciation of landscape and food.


Food Justice 2014/2015
Water Rights 2016/2017



Santa Fe, NM USA