Carlo Abruzzese

Carlo Abruzzese was born into an immigrant Italian family and was raised in the greater NYC area. His family encouraged his interest in drawing but being proficient in both math and drawing he was persuaded to study architecture—an art but also a business that could provide income.After degrees from UC Berkeley (Bachelor of Arts in Architecture) and Harvard University (Masters in Architecture) and two years abroad studying Art History to absorb as much diverse culture as possible, Carlo taught architectural design at UC Berkeley and subsequently opened an architecture firm. Over time he began putting more energy into making art than architecture. What had interested him in architecture was not the final built form but the process of visualizing ideas. What he really wanted to do was draw—not build. His art practice has brought him back to map making. It combines the rigors of information analysis and free artistic expression that is perfect for his architect background.


Immigration / Emigration 2015/2016



San Francisco, CA USA