Barbara Tint

Dr. Barbara Tint is a Professor of Conflict Resolution. Her work stems from Political Psychology, where she focuses on the psychological dynamics involved in the causes, prevention and intervention of international conflict. She also works as a consultant, facilitator, mediator and trainer in many domestic and international arenas including Australia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, France, India, Israel/Palestine, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and with indigenous, refugee and multi-racial groups in the U.S. She has trained groups worldwide in conflict resolution, intergroup dialogue, intercultural relations, dynamics of status and power and reconciliation. Barbara has worked with many local and international community partners including MercyCorps International, the Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization, United Nations University for Peace, UNESCO and the International Federation of the Red Cross. She has participated in improvisational theater for many years and incorporates its principles and techniques into her work. She has published on the use of Applied Improvisation for training in preparedness of humanitarian aid workers, leadership contexts, dynamics of power and status within organizations and conflict resolution. Based on principles of collaboration, acceptance, quick thinking, generosity, spontaneity, creativity and letting go, Applied Improvisation is a natural fit for any context where people have to work together, make decisions and create shared visions and projects. She truly believes it can change the world.


Truth & Reconciliation 2018/2019



Portland, OR USA