Badri Valian

“Badri Valian” is an interactive conceptual artist and multidisciplinary art creator, living in California. She studied Fine Arts and received several national awards for her “creative techniques” and “different vision”.

She believes it was her pure luck to visit “23rd Street Studio” just a couple of weeks after she moved to California in 2013. It drew her attention to her dynamic identity. That is how the idea of “39-Silence” project was born.

In “39-Silence” project, Badri presented her work of obsessively human-figure-centered. It is worth mentioning that the “Pink Window” project became a spinoff of the “39-Silence” a couple of years later.

Badri also recorded repetitive conversations with herself on her cell phone, mostly talking about her sexual abuse experiences over and over. She found this to be therapeutic. This drove her to create the “Tahrir” Installation. Both, the “San Jose Museum of Quilt and Textile” and “ShondaLand Magazine” have shown great interest in this project and have already interviewed the artist.

In early 2020, she started collaborating with Vahdat sisters, Mahsa and Marjan, the prominent vocal performers, experiencing improvisation and walking into each other’s worlds. The trio called their project “Tones of Timelessness”.

When shelter in place was ordered, she co-founded the “UniArt” project with “Mobina Nouri”, one of her fellow Iranian artists. The UniArt project encourages artists collaborating together to build a stronger social fabric.

“Tahrir”, “Pink Window”, “UniArt” and “Tones of Timelessness” are ongoing projects and work in progress.


2022 Revolution



Los Altos Hills, CA USA