Andrea Reynosa

After founding Smack Mellon, artist, activist and farmer Andrea Reynosa has immersed herself into her Upstate NY community in Narrowsburg generating numerous projects and programs that interact with the environment, community and family. She established SkyDog Farm in 2000, a lifestyle experiment involving sustainable agriculture, permaculture, heirloom gardening, child rearing and forest stewardship. Landscape is a central theme in her work, whether in the form of artistic, social, civic or ecological practice such as the Flow events-artistic gatherings on the Upper Delaware River. More formal, stylized work can be seen in her stylized rendition of a field of buckwheat spelling out the word ‘Water’, in Water Garden 2011. The earth’s processes and our human interaction with the environment have long been a primary focus. Food production and systems is now a primary focus with investigations into Mexico City’s chinampa agriculture and localized projects,the Big Eddy Farmstand.


Food Justice 2014/2015
Immigration / Emigration 2015/2016



Narrowsburg, NY USA