A Couple of Artists /
Adi Shniderman
Merav Ezer

A Couple of Artists” (ACOA) is a collaboration between the artists Adi Shniderman and Merav Ezer. ACOA produces art projects ranging in mediums from video art and photography based works to installations. ACOA responds playfully to their immediate environment, experimentation and improvisation drives their creative process. performative aspect, humor and the absurd are major components in their work.

ACOA studio also functions as a lab and forum for experimentation. By working collaboratively with an interdisciplinary approach, ACOA wishes to expand the boundaries of contemporary art, offering an innovative dialogue for art practices. Participation in conceptual dinners, art critique, artists’ salons, and art fairs are some of the platforms through which we aim to promote candid conversation and expand our studio practice.


Immigration / Emigration 2015/2016




Brooklyn, NY USA