SFAI140 is a dynamic, 140-second presentation platform highlighting the inspiration and work of 20 artists-in-residence and local community leaders. Since 2013, SFAI has presented this dynamic event three times a year, with over 350 people presenting in total!
After over 18 successful events throughout the last six years, we are pausing the SFAI140 event in order to focus on an exciting new event, Platform. Similarly to SFAI140, Platform will be hosted three times a year, and will draw from inspiring, engaging, talented, and passionate artists and advocates for change!

While we love SFAI140, we are excited for this shift! With Platform, we will curate interactive events that draws parallels between the making of art and the making of a movement. We have captured so many beautiful SFAI140 moments through the years. View some highlights, above, or search for your 140 second favorites among the entire library!

View More SFAI140 Videos on Vimeo